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STO: My Science Build

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I have been working on a Science build for some time and found out man users use my skill set. My ship is a Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer.
Soon I will be updating  with officers and their skills.

Fore Weapons
(3) Auxiliary Phaser – Dual Heavy Cannons – Mk XII – [Acc]x2  [Dmg] x2 ( might swich to fleet duals)

MACO Graviton – Deflector Array – Mk XII

Impulse Engine
MACO – Impulse  Engines – Mk XII

Warp Core
Obelisk Subspace Rift Warp – Core – Mk Infinity-[ Eff ]

MACO Resilient – Shield Array – Mk XII

Aft Weapons
(2) Phaser – Turret – Mk XII
Kinetic Cutting Beam – Beam Array – Mk XII


Engineering Consoles
Isometric Charge – Engineering Console – Mk Infinity
Assimilated Module – Engineering Console – Mk

Science Consoles
Particale Generator – Science Console – Mk XII – [Pla] [-Th] Zero Point Energy Conduit – Science Console – Mk Infinity
Plasmonic Leech – Science Console – Mk
Quantum Field Focus Controller – Science Console – Mk Infinity

Tactical Consoles
(4) Phaser Relay – Tactical Console – Mk XI


Fed Sceience Space Skills
Fed Science Ground Skills